Did you catch the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony on Friday night? Well, we did — and here are our favorite moments from the event!

Friday marked the official start to the 2018 Winter Olympics, and obviously, the production value from the South Korean hosts was literally out of this world! From the awe-inspiring to the strange and hilarious, here are our favorite moments from the Opening Ceremony!

Jackie Chan & the Torch

Jackie Chan and the winter Olympics torch.

We all know Jackie Chan doesn’t take himself too seriously, despite bing able to karate-kick the crap out of anyone. The icon had the honor of passing off the Olympic Torch on Friday, and his reaction to the responsibility was nothing short of amazing.

USA’s Oddly Familiar Opening Ceremony Gear

Knew something looked familiar about the USA Winter Olympics uniforms

Did anyone else catch the resemblance on Friday night …?

The Astounding Sense of Unity

2018 Winter Olympics, Pyeongchang, North and South Korea march under a unified flag.

One of the main take-aways from the Olympics is camaraderie and unity through sport. This theme was more than evident in the monumental joining of the Koreas — Athletes from both North and South Korea walked out together, representing each country as a whole. It was an amazing display of diplomacy and unity among the countries.

Surprise Leaders Getting Booted from the Stadium

Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un impersonators that we’re thrown out of the Winter Olympics in South Korea

These two impersonators decided to crash the Opening Ceremony. They were promptly booted from the scene! Still though … lol


These are drones at the Olympic Games opening ceremony 

Drones at the Winter Olympics.

I was ASTOUNDED when these drones were brought out. The organization and overall technology utilized to make these dream-like floating images blew my mind!

The Story

2018 Winter Olympics, PyeongChang. (Opening ceremony)

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony

The imagery that went along with the Opening Ceremony story was phenomenal. Not surprising, considering South Korea is home to many LED and light-inspired art installations. We were absolutely mesmerized by the artistry that went into the show.

Mexico’s Representation

Shout out to Mexico for being in the 2018 Winter Olympics and having some pretty sweet uniforms

Mexico has four representatives at the Games, the most since the 1992 Games in France, in three different types of skiing. And their uniforms are nothing to scoff at either!

Tonga Throwing It Back

Courtesy of Vox.com

If you don’t remember the overly oiled athlete from Tonga, he brought his bit back, representing a cultural aspect of his people, smiling and glistening all through the parade in the chilly South Korean weather.

The USA Showin’-UP!

Courtesy of Bri+Co.

The USA team had the LARGEST representation with 224 athletes, the most athletes of any other country!

Non-Athlete Synchronization


Was anyone else amazed at the synchronization of the North Korean cheerleaders brought in? Smiling faces and well-executed routines by these ladies — and they aren’t even competitors!

What was your favorite part of the Olympic Opening Ceremony? Let us know in the comments!

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