One Philly fan decided to take his celebration to the next level by eating horse manure right off the street.

If you didn’t know that this was Philadelphia’s first Super Bowl win, you could definitely tell by how the fans decided to celebrate.

For years, Philly has been left heartbroken after loss after loss kept the Vince Lombardi trophy out of reach. On Sunday night, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the favored New England Patriots, but the fan “celebrations” in the streets looked a lot like what you’d expect from a loss.

Tearing down street poles, looting and ransacking convenience stores, destroying store fronts, eating horse manure …

Yes, one Philadelphia Eagles fan celebrated the greatest day in his sports-life by getting on his knees and eating horse manure.

Why? No idea. It makes absolutely no sense. But the crowd egged him on, chanting “Eat it! Eat it!” and this fan decided he was not going to disappoint. The people wanted him to eat horse s*** and, damnit, he was going to give them what they want.

I don’t know how drunk you need to be to think eating horse manure is a good idea. And if you can stomach watching the video through to the end, you can see the young man look up with a smile plastered all over his face.

After the Eagles’ underdog victory, a lot of pundits are saying that the Patriots’ dynasty has ended and the Eagles’ has begun. That might be wishful thinking, but if this truly is the start of an Eagles’ dynasty, I hope to God that their fans learn how to celebrate victories like normal human beings and leave the police horse feces on the asphalt where it belongs.

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