And she did it by watching YouTube videos.

Chloe Carrion, 10, was hanging out alone with her aunt, Dominique Spann, 20, at their Fairfax County home this past Tuesday, when all of a sudden Dominique ran to the bathroom not feeling well. 

Dominique called out, and Chloe ran to the bathroom to find her aunt in the bathtub. To her surprise, she was in labor. 

Chloe tells NBC 4 news that,

“’She [Dominique] had lost a lot of blood. She had fell down and she passed out. So I grabbed the baby and called 911.'”

That is quick thinking on Chloe’s part! When asked how she had known what to do, she said she watched YouTube videos about people playing with dolls and used that information to wrap up the new baby. She also cut the umbilical cord. I can’t say that I would have thought so innovatively on my feet!


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Once the paramedics arrived after Chloe’s call, Dominique and her new baby were transported to the hospital. Both are healthy and are resting right now. Dominique is eternally grateful to her niece for her aid and support and even let Chloe name the baby. She chose the name Isaac. 

But really the best and probably most perplexing part of this story (to me, anyway) is that no one actually knew that Dominique was pregnant. Um, what??? Apparently, the baby came as a surprise to her entire family. 

Chloe’s mom, who seems to be the primary caretaker for both Chloe and Dominique told NBC 4

“”She didn’t tell anybody. I thought that was her regular stomach.”

Again, um, what?? How?? Anyways, we won’t speculate, and we’re happy that everyone is healthy and happy. 

And good for Chloe! That girl is going places.

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